Jonathan Paquin - 3D Animator


January 08 2011
Strange how you neglect to update your website when things are going good. Back in Vancouver until May to work on the Kurt Russell-less "The Thing". How I wish the movie had his luxurious 80s hairdo. On more animated personal news I should finally update my demo with some Avatar shots pretty soon. Yep, about freakin time.

May 16, 2010

So here it is, that fateful moment where I start looking for work again. Bit of a bitter sweet moment as my time in New Zealand has been incredibly satisfying and exciting but the siren song of the girlfriend is bringing me back towards north american soils! Enough with the complaints of my soul, off the the demo reels prospective employers!

January 5, 2010
Aoi there! Back at Weta after spending quality time with loved ones back in Montréal. Nothing like snow and -25C temperatures to make your inner canadian happy. Seems about the time reflect back on 2009 which seems to have been a bad year for a lot of people but ended up being my best one professionaly, working on the two of the biggest and bestest Sci-fi movies of the year is probably why. Also taking the time to edit my D9 shots together so you can all go and see that over in Ye Ol Anim Section.

August 6 2009

This it it, I'll now be in New-Zealand for the next year working on some aliens again, and possibly some sort of belgian reporter with a nifty haircut. If you ever come down here, come and say hi!

July 4th 2009
Finally back in Montreal for a short 3 weeks before heading out to Weta. I have missed the good food and the friend and families sooooo much!
Still can't wait to see District 9 as I'm really satisfied with the work that was done there. Steve Nichols, you were teh awesome!!!

May 10th 2009
Wow, time just flies by these days. Animation on District 9 is now going along at full speed and we've got plenty of juicy shots left to do. Should keep us plenty occupied until the end of spring.
Too bad I only have warm and bulky winter clothes with me... Off to buy some shorts we go!

In the meantime you can catch a quick glimpse of our tentacled friends here on the first teaser for D9:

January 29th 2009
I've been in Vancouver for a week now, working for ImageEngine on a movie called District 9. It feels great to be working on a full blown motion picture again!

December 27th 2008
I'm taking the time off to actually update my DemoReel.
I've included my shots from Bolo but now it really feels like there's a "cartoony" part and a "realistic" part to my reel which kinda bugs me. I'll probably do a two part reel in the future but for now enjoy as it is! Hope 2009 rocks our collective asses!

November 29th 2008
Uploaded my shots I did for Bolo. It's in spanish, they talk ALL the time, spewing deep philosophical discusions while doing jumps and backflips so I didn't bother with the subtitles.
See the motor-mouth madness here!